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Read an article in the State-Journal Register about our participation in the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA clydesdale sale held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.


About Linden Clydes

About Linden ClydesLinden Clydes was established in 1990 by Dennis and Linda Johnson of Springfield, Illinois.

The Johnson family entered into the Clydesdale breed for the love, passion and grace of the Clydesdale. After numerous years of assisting a fellow Clydesdale breeder, the Johnsons pursued this endeavor on their own, with the formation of Linden Clydes. Our prefix Linden is derived from the first three letters of LINda and DENnis.

Linden Clydes is a “family affair” for the Johnsons. The enjoyment and passion of the Clydesdale has been passed from Dennis and Linda to their three sons, Mitchell, Dustin, and Grant, and now to the third generation, Hannah and Parker. All three sons are very active with the family horses and continue to make Linden Clydes a successful and productive breeding ground for Clydesdales.

Linden Clydes goal is to produce quality Clydesdale with conformation, soundness, and temperament characteristics of the breed. Our Clydesdales have become part of the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Clydesdale Hitch teams across the country.

New in 2010, Linden Clydes will present a hitch team made possible by Bluffview Clydesdales.

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